Hello! We are the Miami Sushi team

And we know exactly what you miss in Belgrade

We ourselves were looking for that same sushi for a long time. The sushi that we love and are used to The same ones with an abundance of cheese and fish, large size, clear recipe.

We didn’t find it So we decided to do it ourselves!

We invited a chef from Russia, the owner of a popular Japanese restaurant, to create a menu and organize the work of the culinary team, came up with a concept so that it was not only tasty, but also beautiful , invested soul and time so that the dishes on our menu justify the price ratio -quality. And we are glad to inform you that we are starting work and are ready to accept your orders!

*the restaurant is open for delivery and takeaway for the first time, but we are not going to stop there, and very soon we will open the restaurant doors for our guests!